Ghana Project Update


During our first implementation trip, we set out with three objectives:

  • Drill a borehole to supply 1500 high school students with water
  • Conduct pumping test to evaluate the performance of the pumping yield
  • Involve the community by creating a committee for the project management

The newly drilled borehole yields water, but a little under our target. After the travel team left Ullo, they met with a local water distribution design company to ask them to test current boreholes in the community.

We found that there is another possible borehole that will yield enough water to supply all 1500 high school students with 20 liters of water per day! We are now focused on finishing the rest of the project with the help of the Ullo Project Commitee.

Now, there is a water source and connections have been made to make this water system possible and help the people of Ullo!