Meet Paige!

Paige Jewell is a senior majoring in civil engineering, and she is both a member of the travel team that is going to Ullo, Ghana, and the vice president of the structures/site plan group. Her group is looking into methods used for building construction, which may come in handy with some future possible projects. She decided to become a group lead after her initial trip to Ghana, because she wanted to become a leader in an organization that she has a lot of passion for. 

Something she learned from being a group lead was to accept the answer of “I don’t know.” Her group encounters a lot of unfamiliar information, and people won’t have all the answers immediately, and this is an important life skill she is glad she learned from leading this group. She is the only one of the members on this year’s travel team who has been on one of our trips to Ghana before. After her amazing experience last time, she gladly applied to go another time, but this time with the added leadership opportunities of being a return traveler.


Her job in Ullo will be to monitor the outcome of the project, as well as surveying for possible building locations that the structures/site plan group could use for possible future projects. She is excited to catch up with all the friends she made in Ullo last time she visited, and she also can’t wait to see this year’s travel team have a similar experience to the one that she had before. Paige is a vital member to our organization who we’re glad to have take all the opportunities that come her way.


Edited by: Samuel Pauwels