Meet John!

John Jennison

Engineering group lead, travel team member 2019-2020

John Jennison is a sophomore in electrical engineering, and he is the leader of the project monitoring group. The project monitoring group has been monitoring the water system we implemented in Ullo last year and solving any issues that have arisen. He became the leader of this group when the prior leader moved to Colorado. He chose to join the project monitoring group last year because of his interest with the solar panels and pumps, as an electrical engineering major. He says that just being a part of the water project has been a massive help for landing job interviews, and the interviewers love hearing about it.


He is also a member of our travel team, who is going to Ghana this winter break. He wanted to make this trip to learn about the culture of Ullo, and because he loves to travel. He is going to be monitoring and evaluating the impact of the water project we incorporated, as well as overseeing the implementation of any minor changes that need to be made to it. Something he is interested in is the cuisine in Ullo, and how it differs from how we eat here. He is anxiously anticipating seeing the system, as it’s hard to understand how the project is performing when we’re on the other side of the globe. All in all, John is an amazing member of our team who we’re thankful for putting in the amount of effort he has.