Meet Lauren and Reed!

This week, we’ll be introducing you to 2 members of Engineers Without Borders at ISU!

The first person is Lauren, a horticulture major and our Water Catchment and Irrigation group leader! Her group is developing a system that can catch the rainwater in Ullo and use it to efficiently water crops. Lauren decided to become a group lead when the past leader reached out to her about how the position would suit her. Also, as her major is outside of the field of engineering, she can offer a different unique perspective than many of the other group leads in the club. Lauren says that instead of telling the members of her group what to do, she helps direct them. Because their project is a group effort, she found this to be the most efficient way to lead the group. Through leading the group, Lauren learned just how complicated these projects can be, as the many difficulties, revisions, and hiccups aren’t always foreseeable.

The second person we would like to introduce you to is Reed. Reed is majoring in marketing, international business, and management, and he is a member of this year’s travel team to Ullo! He originally didn’t want to travel, but after realizing the impact the trip will have, he decided to go for it. Reed will oversee preliminary plans of a possible future project. He is also in charge of the club’s camera, and he will be taking photos and videos for our social media. Reed is hoping this trip will be one of the best experiences of his professional career. He’s excited to get to meet the members of Ullo, saying he wants to be able to include names and small biographies of the people in the social media posts. He’s scared about being accepted by the community, as well as getting lost in Ullo. He is looking forward to seeing just how different life is in a third world setting, and how simple life can be.

Engineers Without Borders is mostly made up of engineering students, but people of all majors are welcome to join, and as shown by these 2 members, they make just as big of an impact on our club!

Reed Duncan
Lauren Bilek