Back From Ullo: Sarah Fangrow

Sarah Fangrow in Ullo

Sarah is a junior at Iowa State, who is majoring in Chemical Engineering, and was a member of the kitchen stoves group. Her job in Ullo was to implement 10 household stoves and 2 kitchen stoves in during her time in Ullo. She loved meeting everybody in Ullo and forming friendships with the members of the community. Leaving all those new friends was really difficult, and she still thinks about everybody who is still in Ullo. The only part of Ullo she didn’t like was the heat, as you would be constantly sweating all day, and even at night. When she was going to Ullo, she was expecting to have a massive culture shock when she got there. Ullo is an area with a high poverty rate, so she was expecting that to be massively different and hard to adjust to. It ended up being a pretty easy transition for her. When she came back from Ullo, she started thinking twice about how much water she would use when she showers and was a lot more thankful for the number of available amenities there are everywhere in the United States. Sarah said that even if she doesn’t get to return to Ullo as part of another travel team, she’ll return on a vacation later in her life. Traveling to Ullo was an eye-opening experience for Sarah. She realized how much we have here in Iowa that the rest of the world doesn’t, and yet they still live happy lives. It’s inspired her to try to complain less and be more determined in her own life, just like how everybody in Ullo is. It was also incredible to see how big of an impact she was having everybody in Ullo was extremely grateful for EWB’s presence, and seeing the school’s grades raise as a result of our water systems implementation last winter was amazing to her. The trip has even inspired her to looking into the peace corps, something she’s been interested in for a while and now has even more inspiration to do it. Sarah loved her time in Ullo, and can’t wait for the next time she visits, whether it’s with EWB or on her own.