Back From Ullo: Hannah Schaffer

Hannah Schaffer is a junior majoring in civil engineering, and she is both a member of the Agriculture/Irrigation group and our clubs’ treasurer. When she was in Ullo, she was the treasurer, and she was gathering information for the agriculture/irrigation project. She didn’t have any 1 standout moment that was the absolute best, but she said her favorite times in Ullo were the times spent with the people of Ullo. One time, for example, she was blowing bubbles with the young kids in the courtyard. Due to her low spice tolerance, the spicy food was her least favorite part of the trip. Hannah said that overall, Ullo was less different than she thought it would be. They speak a different language, eat different food, and live in a different environment, but that’s where the differences end. Life there didn’t feel too different from what life is like here. She said she would love to go on another trip to Ullo, and that both the trip and the people on it were amazing. Hannah said her biggest takeaway from the trip was how to find joy and appreciate the simple things in life. People here are always busy and stressed, meanwhile in Ullo things were slower and most of their issues come from their basic needs. Even with these problems, everybody is positive, happy, and love having a good time. She also says the people in Ullo take the time for everybody around them and find joy in everyday things, both of which Hannah says more people here should learn to do. Hannah’s time in Ullo was fantastic, and she would love to go back again and continue learning to appreciate the simple things in life.