Back From Ullo: Paige Jewell

Paige Jewell is a senior majoring in civil engineering. While in Ullo, her job was to do assessments for our clinic project. She would survey potential locations to build the clinic, gather opinions of how the clinic should be built, find what support our project would receive, and visiting current health facilities. She would also help others when tasks came up, but her main focus was on the clinic. Her favorite experience in Ullo was a night when a group of ladies from the community came to where they were staying and invited them to dance. It was a very welcoming experience as the ladies of the community encouraged them and cheered them on. It was a time when everybody on the trip broke out of their comfort zones and jumped into Ullo life, and it’s a night Paige will remember. Paige’s least favorite thing about in Ullo was not being able to speak Degaree, the native language there. In most experiences there needed to be a translator with them, and sometimes somebody would try to talk to her in Degaree and all she could do was wish she could respond. As somebody who had gone to Ullo once before, Paige was surprised by how much had changed in the year since she had last been there. The biggest surprise was how much the personalities of the teenagers and children had changed as they’d grown. Paige is very saddened by the fact that as a senior she most likely won’t have the opportunity to return to Ullo. After 2 trips, she has many people she considers friends who she would love to see again but will not have the opportunity to. She also would love to go back just for the charm of Ullo, or for the joy she feels when doing field work. The biggest takeaway Paige had after this trip was how connected she feels to the new friends she made in Ullo, even though they’re thousands of miles away. Returning to Ullo was an amazing experience for Paige, and it’s one she hopes she’ll be able to relive again in the future.