Back From Ullo: John Jennison

John Jennison is a sophomore in electrical engineering, and he is our second Vice President of engineering, along with Joe Kim. While he was in Ullo this past winter, he specialized in working on the water system. He ran tests to check sustainability of our water system, and he also met with users of the system to gauge satisfaction with it. His favorite part of the trip was forming a relationship with the community of Ullo. His least favorite part was how much time they spent traveling, on the road or in the air. The part of Ullo that exceeded his expectations the most was the food. He didn’t expect it to be that good, when in reality it ended up being amazing. He would gladly return to Ullo in the future. From this trip, he took away a lot from Ghanaian culture. He also feels like he has gained a lot of knowledge and experience with engineering and design in a developing country. The water system was a massive project for our club, and John made sure the system is functioning correctly and helping the community of Ullo as much as possible.