This year, Engineers Without Borders changed the name of “Freshman Leadership Board” to “NEWB” which creatively stands for New Engineers Without Borders. The name also resembles the word newbie which is ironically the purpose of the club.  NEWB consists of specialized meetings outside of Engineers Without Border’s general meetings, which are specifically designed for new club members. The purpose of NEWB is to provide new members with upperclassmen mentors within the club, and

November 1, 2016

Future Development Projects

As the travel team is preparing for their water supply assessment trip this December to our partner community in Ullo, Ghana, the rest of EWB has their eyes set on the future. Dedicated to the longevity of our partnership, members have been working on several Future Development Projects (FDP). The goal of these projects is to listen to what Ullo’s main needs are and explore the feasibility of different technologies as possible solutions.

November 11, 2015

Ullo, Ghana Project

Ullo is a small village in the Upper West region of Ghana with 1100 permanent residents and capacity for 1500 students who travel from allover the region to attend the local high school. Ullo is an impoverished community where almost all of the villager’s practice subsistence farmingand the area has a daily income of about $0.75 per person. Ullo is a traditional village and has a chief that is in charge of the